Rivive! Nashville

Intersecting art and nature

Rivive! Nashville was the flagship project for the Nashville Waterways Consortium which sought to increase awareness of the importance of clean streams through public art. 

I Pledged pin Rivive Nashville One Degree Pledge

From fall 2017 to winter 2019, Rivive! engaged more than 5,000 Nashvillians through art installations and through our One Degree Pledge, that saw residents make small changes that lead to healthier waterways.

Public Art

In partnership with our gracious community and local businesses, Rivive! Nashville showcased four public art installations.

Beau Stanton mural Rivive! Nashville

Mural at 5th & Commerce

October 2017

To kick off the Rivive! Nashville campaign, this five-story mural created by Beau Stanton, is located on the corner of 5th Avenue and Commerce street.  

As Nashville holds the title “Athens of the South,” icons from Greek mythology as well as local influences of stained glass from historical buildings and churches, come together to make this incredible work that can be seen from many high-rise buildings across the city. And let’s not forget about the giant catfish!

Mural in 12 South

February 2018

This mural, located on 12th Avenue South, sheds light on the intersectionality between Nashville’s native wildlife and the growing presence of an urban environment.

The mural was painted by local artist, Mobe Oner, and reminds visitors to ponder the challenge of coexistence between human development and natural environment in a time of tremendous and rapid growth. It continues to encourage residents to learn how they can make a small shift to revitalize and protect local rivers and streams, as well as the critters that depend on them.

12 South mural by Mobe Oner Rivive! Nashville
WADE music for rivers and people sign on pedestrian bridge in Nashville over Cumberland River

WADE: Music for River & People

April 2018

Wade: Music for River and People was a month-long installation on the John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge where the public could connect with the music of our natural resources. Artist. Aaron Hoke Doenges collaborated with Rivive! Nashville to bring this unique concept to Music City.

Using river data provided in realtime by the United States Geological Survey, Aaron used software to convert the ever-changing information from Richland Creek and the Harpeth and Cumberland Rivers into musical notes. This provided unique music entirely composed by these local rivers. In addition, the movement of pedestrians also affected the music’s pitch and tempo allowing the public to join in the experience.

Patagonia Nashville Mural

March 2019

To celebrate the opening of the new Patagonia store, Bryce McCloud, founder of Isle of Printing, created a window art installation focused on creating awareness of protecting our local waterways. The Rivive! Nashville campaign worked with Bryce to bring inspiration to his vision by bringing him to Nashville’s own Browns Creek and Mill Creek. He collected unique objects, both natural and unnatural, found among the creeks banksides including a cassette tape, dog collar, bubblewrap, gold ball, and an Arizona Ice Tea can.

To create the canvas’ shadows and detail, Bryce took image scans of the objects and turned them into custom rubber stamps. These stamps created all the black detail you see on the canvas. The canvas was created over the store’s grand opening weekend beginning on March 1st. As a local Nashvillian, McCloud recognized how important it was to connect and be with his local waterways amongst the urban environemnt as he found inspriation for the mural.

art installation at Nashville Patagonia store using items found in the river
Rivive! Nashville sticker of round logo

Special Thanks

None of Rivive Nashville’s public art projects would have been possible without the following partners.

The Rivive Nashville project was made possible through funding from the Dan and Margaret Maddox Charitable Fund, whose mission is to better the communities of Middle Tennessee through strategic investments that further wildlife conservation, and improve the lives of young people.

We would also like to thank the Nashville Walls Project for their partnership in coordinating the mural projects, each of the participating artists mentioned above for bringing their creativity and giving voice to these issues through art.

We are grateful to Metro Arts for their support with the WADE: Music for River and People project on the Pedestrian Bridge.