What You Can Do


These events are great ways to mingle with your local nonprofits, meet members of the Nashville Waterways Consortium, and to get your hands dirty! Join them for river cleanups, tree plantings, educational workshops, public meetings, litter cleanups/sorting, and more! 

Support our founding partners

These five environmental non-profits founded the Nashville Waterways Consortium to encourage the Nashville community to get involved with change!   Join these organizations’ mailing lists highlighted below to stay informed on issues affecting clean water and waterways that matter to you.

Get involved!

Discover the many ways you can help our partner organizations plant trees and shrubs that will protect our waterways.

Raise Your Voice!

Attend a public meeting, such as the stormwater management committee meetings that deal with development’s impact on water and flooding. Public meetings were designed so that your voice could be heard and is a huge way a citizen can influence policy. General language about keeping in the loop. 

Metro Nashville Stormwater Management Committee

The Stormwater Management Committee was established for purposes of appeal of an adverse staff decision related to the Stormwater Regulations. The Stormwater Management Committee hears and decides appeals and variance requests related to Stormwater Regulations.


Many times it only takes a single voice to influence a major decision that could affect your neighborhood. Sign up for issue alerts with Harpeth Conservancy to stay informed and provide your voice on national, state and local issues and policies that affect your local waterway.

Report a Pollution Problem

Report suspicious waterway pollution problems using the Water Reporter app! It’s easy! If you know how to take a picture with your cellphone you can help report potential pollution problems and help get them resolved.

Classes & Workshops

Attend an educational event or workshop to learn more about a topic related to water issues.

Watershed Education Program

Join the Richland Creek Watershed Alliance for fun presentations about watershed health. Learn about your local watershed, why it’s important, and how to be a good steward of its waterways.

Visit Richland Creek Watershed’s Events Page for Upcoming Workshops

Lessons on the Harpeth

Join Harpeth Conservancy in partnership with the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency (TWRA) and others for a hands-on, family-friendly river events on the Harpeth and around middle TN! Learn about the over 85 species of fish that live in the Harpeth River and get up close and personal with other river critters. These are FREE events are provide the public with up close and personal experiences to learn about the creatures that live in Nashville’s waterways and highlight the extreme global diversity of Southeastern rivers.

River Talks

An Educational Series with the Cumberland River Compact. These events bring experts, artists, researchers, professionals, and characters of the river together to share their knowledge and experience.


One of the best ways to engage in the community is to explore our waterways firsthand. It’s a great way to meet new friends and burn some calories. Join a hiking group, paddle, or attend an environmental-themed event. It’s a great way to learn to love all the great outdoor opportunities there are to do in and around our amazing city.