The future calls for unity and action

Why now?

The Nashville Waterways Consortium was founded to ensure that future generations of Nashvillians have access to clean drinking water and unimpaired streams for which to recreate and for wildlife to thrive.

What's at stake?


miles of waterways


acres of floodplain


rare terrestrial and aquatic species, including the Nashville Crayfish


for Nashville residents


Close proximity to hundreds of places to go fishing, canoeing, paddle boarding

Why the urgency?


250 of 501 miles of Nashville's assessed streams are already designated impaired by EPA standards

What does impaired mean?

When a waterway no longer supports one of more of its intended uses it is considered impaired. This can mean that the water is not suitable to drink or swim in or even safe to consume fish caught there.


people are moving to Nashville each day


people moving to Nashville per year

1 million

It is estimated that Nashville will grow by one million people by 2035

More people. More homes. More buildings. More roads.

More runoff. More pollutants. More flooding. More threats to wildlife.